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According to their size

What give us the lentils ? The nutritionist Vanesa Rus explains that lentils are the best-known legumes used today in our country, and not because they are fashionable lose weight with nutrivix. The first indications of its cultivation would have been found in the area of ​​Israel about 7000-9000 years ago, constituting one of the first plants to be cultivated.

There are different types. According to their size, ordered from largest to smallest, we have: Armiña blond, Castilian blond or queen (the most consumed variety in Spain), pardina, verdina and beluga or lentil caviar (small, rounded and black, they owe their name to its external resemblance to caviar). There are other varieties from other countries such as India (Urad dad), Verde du Puy (France) Crimson (Turkish), Red Chief (Egypt).


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