Combinations of the whole plant

GW Pharmaceuticals, a British firm in the first line of development of cannabis-based medicines, uses a crop of their property known as ‘Grace’, which has about seven percent cannabidiol and less than 0.3% THC. ‘Grace’ grows outdoors in the United Kingdom.

Contrary to the trend of pharmaceuticals and at the same time establishing a milestone in this area, GW is investigating the Sera Labs CBD Oil -THC combinations of the whole plant, as well as the isolated Cannabis derivatives.

Seven percent of CBD is not as attractive as twenty percent CBD (Californian standard) if the goal is to grow and harvest Cannabis for maximum production of CBD-rich oil. The botanists of Europe and North America, therefore, have shaped their perspectives on planting a correct and politically stable seed line with a Sera Labs CBD Oil level that leads the rankings and practically nothing of THC to technically qualify as industrial hemp under federal laws.


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