Fight intestinal parasites

For children between seven to ten years of age should be administered half the dose. For children under three years, one tablespoon of the mixture is sufficient Detoxant Review. The seeds of the papaya are also useful for this purpose.

They are rich in papain and caricin. A mixture of fresh crushed seeds is prepared. For each spoonful of seeds, one of honey is added. The dose of a daily dessert spoon in the morning on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed for ten days, rest five and the cycle is repeated again, and up to three times. It is advisable to use some purgative.

Ginger not only helps fight intestinal parasites, it also reduces nausea and can help calm nerves. Fresh ginger has shown great success in destroying intestinal worms for hundreds of years. The most common way to consume ginger is raw or infused Detoxant Review. You can also sprinkle ginger extract on a variety of foods.


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