Reinfection of yourself

Parasites ascend in the rectal place to the sex organs, go into the vagina, establishing a vulvovaginitis (inflammation, itching, frequently smelly flow Detoxic Review). Not just it stings the rectal region it stings the vulvar region, this discomfort generates trouble sleeping stopping sleep.

The problem isn’t serious and could be eradicated effortlessly and a little bit of perseverance. Unlike other parasites, they infect only humans. The eggs are deposited between your folds from the anus.

Reinfection of yourself takes place when the infected eggs achieve the mouth area with the hands which have scratched the anus. Person-to-person transmission can also happen when handling contaminated clothing, bedsheets, towels and ecological surfaces contaminated with pinworm eggs Detoxic Review (for example curtains, carpets) because they are very volatile.


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